I’ve been exploring Laravel and Vue.js lately, and I like them so far.

I’ve created a few static sites with Vue.js and it is so easy to get productive. They are either self-contained or they get their data with an ajax call to a third-party server. It’s also a snap to deploy and there is not much strain on the server.

I’ve also done a Laravel app that is entirely Vue.js on the front end, with some /api routes that are called with ajax from the Vue.js side. It’s too early to tell how productive this setup will be. There was a surprising amount of set up involved to get the pieces working together. So, I created a starter app that I plan to use whenever I have a new Laravel/Vue.js app.

It is here:

I hope to keep this up to date as Laravel, webpack, and Vue.js change, but I’m guessing I won’t. I will also add new features as I need them. As I’m developing this app, I’m trying to keep in mind what things I’m doing that are generic, and will move them to this project as I go.