It’s Late September and I Really Should be Back at School

There’s always a tension between using the technologies that one is already good at vs. learning the coolest new things. People pay me to do things I’m good at, which means if I’m not always pushing, I’ll end up getting lots of practice doing things that are going out of style. OTOH, fads and frameworks come and go all the time, especially in JavaScript, so I could spend all my time getting no products out the door.

I told you that to tell you this — I’m heading to the woodshed to put a couple more notches on my belt. Look for Angular 2 and node.js on my linkedin profile soon!

[Edit: — Hah! best laid plans. I did do an Angular 2 tutorial, but then immediately did a couple of small React apps, then learned Vue.js and am hoping to start all new projects with that.]